Find More Customers In Your Local Area

We provide the information tools and resources a small or micro business owners needs to deliver their own local marketing process

DIY Marketing Support

We understand among a mass of other priorities it can be difficult for small business owners to find the time to raise the profile of your business.

As we see it the problem is this – most small businesses need a steady stream of new customers (obviously!) but the last thing many small business owners have time for is promoting their business. The majority, in our experience, would much rather be doing what they are good at.

So what’s the alternative. The temptation may be to buy one off marketing services that promise a quick fix but (not surprisingly) they tend to be a waste of time and money. Or, it could be to outsource the task to a full service marketing agency but that comes at a considerable cost beyond the reach of many small and micro businesses.

The solution in our opinion is the Do It Yourself local marketing route.

We provide the information tools and resources a small or micro business owner needs to do their own marketing to potential customers in their local area. By allocating just a few hours a weeks to working through our simple to use guides and resources can make a real difference.

What We Deliver

Our objective is to keep costs down. We understand if you had the financial resources to pay someone to take on your marketing for you that is probably what you would do.

We deliver information relevant to your business and its market sector. We don’t bombard you with information but send you a monthly email with suggested tasks and the resources you need to complete those tasks.

We always start with a review of your business, its market and whatever marketing may already be in place.