Local marketing specialists helping small businesses find more local customers.

Among a mass of other priorities it can be difficult for small businesses to find the time to raise the profile of their business and find more local customers. With online marketing developing at a rapid rate it can be difficult to keep up and ad hoc purchase of marketing services just does not deliver results.

When looking for help with marketing a small or micro business there are three general types of marketing service providers

1 The reputable, full service, marketing companies and agencies.

2 The sharp sales people promoting the latest ‘magical marketing technique’ who will simply take your money and make a quick exit.

3 Marketing companies with a limited set of capabilities.

Those with limited capabilities will try to persuade you that their single service (be it a website, PPC, webchat, social media or some other service) is all you need to find more customers, because that’s all they can offer.  In contrast, the larger, reputable marketing agencies will offer a best practice, customised, full local marketing system based on the best mix of marketing tools and services.

The best way to generate a consistent stream of enquiries is to build a local marketing system using the best range of marketing tools to fit the business and its market but there is a problem. A quality marketing agency (assuming you can find one) may have both the knowledge and the in house resources to deliver the customized local marketing process your business needs but this only comes at a considerable cost beyond the reach of most small businesses.

Our approach is different. We understand the needs of small and micro businesses with a local customer base. We understand, in an ideal world you would like someone to run a marketing process for you while you get on with your business but in reality that is not something you can afford. We take the time to understand your business and your market then deliver all the information you need to put a marketing process in place for yourself in your spare time.

At the small and micro business level what you need to find more local customers (despite what others may wish to tell you) is not particularly difficult. There are many low cost (or no cost) services available that can make a big difference, all you need is someone to point you in the right direction. All off this we do remotely to save costs.

Call us today on 01670 513378 to discuss if we can help your business find more customers (no obligation whatsoever), visit our how we work page, Email your questions to phil@striga.co.uk or browse our blog page for free local marketing tips and advice. We help businesses across the UK find the local customers they need to grow their small or micro business.