A Stream Of New Enquiries For Accountancy Businesses

Accountants tend to secure most of their business from local clients. Fortunately, there are several low cost (or free) marketing tools available that can deliver a steady stream of new enquiries for Accountancy businesses with a local customer base.

As over 85% of consumers search for local service providers online the first objective should be to ensure the practice has an effective online presence at a high position on the search engines. With this in place the second key objective must be to build credibility to ensure a prospect chooses to call your business ahead of the competition.

Before diving in it is best to spend some time to decide on your strategy. It does need to be a major exercise but it is important to decide on what sets your business apart from the rest, what is your niche, who are your competition, who is your ideal client and what is your ideal mix of clients. Only with this in place is it practical to move on to decide how you will get yourself known, boost credibility, obtain referral business and obtain the steady stream of new enquiries your business needs.

A professional Google my business listing is an excellent place to start as this can deliver a business profile (effectively a mini website) on Page 1 Google. If the business does have a website but it is not on page 1, the Google listing will point to the website and effectively give it a Page 1 ranking. There are many marketing education resources which explain the set up and optimisation procedures for Google My Business

A major advantage of a Google listing is it allows your business to display customer reviews and testimonials that can give a major boost to the practice credibility. Make it as simple as possible for clients to post a review via Google and / or use an offline testimonial and feedback system to gather testimonials that can be published online.

Credibility may be further enhanced by asking key clients, where you have delivered larger elements of work with successful outcomes, to allow you to create a case study. Rather than ask the client to do the work, write it up for them and ask for their sign off then publish the case study both online and offline as appropriate.

Social media can be an awful waste of time and effort but Accountants should at least have a profile on Linked in which can be used to publish case studies and information useful to potential clients. It may also be linked to a website (if one exists) or a Google listing.

The above may well be sufficient to deliver the required stream of new enquiries for Accountancy businesses and almost all of it can be achieved without expert marketing support using in house resources and low cost (or free) internet marketing tools and services. All that is needed is a marketing process and the will and resources to deliver against that process on a ongoing basis.

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