NEWS – Of A Google Update Plus A Short Rant

You may have read some chatter about an update to the Google search algorithms over recent weeks (it was jokingly christened FRED). Bit of a strange one this as Google denied any update had taken place initially but later (sort of) confirmed it.

The update was sometime around 7th / 8th March so if you have noticed a drop in rankings, and more importantly traffic to your site, at or around this date it could be as a result of the update. According to Barry Schwarz, who tracks these things closely the update appears to have targeted poor quality sites populated with more than an average number of Ads.

Now here’s the problem, there may (or may not) have been a major update to the search algorithms that may (or may not) have impacted on the traffic to your site but how do you really know. Was the drop due to the update or one of the other (could be as many as 200) factors that impact on a site position in Google search.

Much of the talk about algorithm updates is irrelevant to the average business website owner. It is best just to ignore the chatter and continue to implement best practice. It may not be quick, but it is safer and much more likely to deliver results in the medium to long term


NEWS: Google Local Search Rankings – From Pigeon To Possum

If you have noticed changes in your Google local search rankings recently it may be as a result of a major update to the ranking algorithm in early September 2016.

This is the first major update to the Google local search algorithm since the so called ‘Pigeon’ update of 2014. Early evidence appears to show the update only affects the 3 pack (not organic results) and was intended to take out spam results.

Nicknamed ‘Possum’ the update appears to have impacted on some businesses with multiple offices that the algorithm finds it difficult to distinguish. It also appears to have helped businesses with a location based keywords (City / Town name) that are located outside the city limits and / or more than 10 miles from the centroid.

The full impact of the update is still under review so it is worth keeping an eye on the local search ranking for your business over the coming weeks. Also, watch this space for more news.