Matching Small business Website Content to Intent

When trying to secure more leads from a local business website it is vital to deliver the exact information a prospect is searching for via the most appropriate media. After all the hard work involved in driving traffic to a small business website a lack of relevant information equals lost interest and no sale.

What is relevant depends primarily on the intent of the prospect. Marketing objectives and market segments are important but matching website content to intent is the key

At a basic level, it is important to decide if the prospect needs information or do they want a solution? They may be researching a subject in which case a long form blog post may be appropriate. If the prospect needs to know the best way to fix something a YouTube video outlining the key issues may be best.

If the intent is informational then a soft approach may be best. Perhaps a useful download could be used to obtain an email address to use to stay in touch. If the intent is transactional then a more aggressive call to action to stimulate the prospect to get in touch may be more appropriate.

Intent dictates where the prospect is the buying process. If looking for information they are almost certainly further away from the purchase than those looking for a solution.

Intent, therefore, should be a key input into an online marketing process. As discussed above it impacts on the choice of medium. It affects the choice of keywords, calls to action and much more.

If information intended to satisfy whatever the searchers intent may be is not on a website the prospect will look elsewhere. The potential to sell either now or some point in the future will be lost.

Adding content to a website can significantly increase traffic to a website. The challenge is Matching Website Content to Intent to increase the chances of conversion. That conversion may be in the form of a sale or a step on the way to a sale at some point in the future.

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