Our approach is different. We understand the needs of small and micro businesses with a local customer base. Our process is as follows:


Sign up and pay your first monthly fee.


We need to understand your business, your market and any marketing you already have in place. We send you a questionnaire to gather all the information we need to help you going forward.

We need this information to customise our support to your needs. The questionnaire should take no more than 30 minutes to complete and should be returned to us within one week of delivery.


Within 5 working days of receipt of your completed questionnaire we email you a report detailing our analysis of your business and the marketing tasks we suggest you complete (in priority order). We also detail the return we believe you should expect on your activity.

We suggest you complete one task per month. A task may include several elements and will typically take between two and eight hours to complete. You may cancel your subscription at any point.


Within 5 working days of report delivery we email you with a detailed description of the steps you need to take and links to the resources you need to complete the first task detailed in your report. The email will also contain more general news and resources we believe will be of interest to you. Our delivery against your first payment is now complete.


In month 2 we email you what you need to complete the second task on your recommended task list. We continue until all suggested tasks are complete. Remember, there is no ongoing commitment you may cancel at any time.

Our aim is to deliver return on your investment. To do that we need to keep our costs low. Therefore, don’t expect the sleakest design or lots of pretty pictures. Our only interest is in delivering straightforward, simple to follow instructions.