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We recognise most small and micro businesses cannot afford to employ a marketing agency. Our aim is to deliver free resources and information to help you build your own small business marketing process. Read our blog posts or download one of of free guides (we don’t ask for your email address!) below.

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Helpful Tools - AI

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The number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools is increasingly dramatically. These can both speed up repetitive tasks and make it easier for the small business owner to take work in house that they would otherwise need to outsource (at a significant cost). Read our blog posts covering our trials and experiences with a range of AI based marketing tools or read the summary in our AI based tools guide.

If you need help implementing these new AI driven tools visit our services page. We can add a AI driven Chatbot to your site to answer common customer and prospect questions. Or, we can take your business up a level and install a next generation website driven from a Chat interface.

Visit our resources page for links to information, books and reviews. we have found useful when building online businesses.

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