Helping You Find More Customers.

The information, guidance and support a small or micro business owner needs to deliver their own marketing process.

Need someone to guide you through a project or point you in the right direction….?

So What’s The Problem?

You need a steady stream of new customers BUT you would much rather be doing what they are good at than spending time promoting your business.

You can’t afford to pay someone to do your marketing for you. Even if funds were available finding the right partner who knows what they are doing and provides value for money is hard.

And The Answer Is…?

You might not like this ……It’s the DIY marketing approach.

 At the small business level it’s not that difficult. It just needs time, quality information, commitment AND that person to call on to point you in the right direction. That’s me…. The help you need for a fixed fee starting at £39 / month.  LEARN MORE.

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