Small Business Marketing Help 

Find More Customers In Your Local Area

I deliver the services you need to promote your small business. A few hours of marketing help per month could make a big difference.

I will act as your part-time marketing person. Or, if you prefer, I will act as your guide, helping you deliver your marketing process.

I worked in marketing and sales for over 15 years before starting my marketing support business in 2008. Read more about me HERE.

Outline Your Problem

What challenges are facing your business? What marketing help do you need? Use the contact form or call me on 07747 042320.

Let’s see if I can help.

I work with small and micro businesses. I can help with:


Market analysis.

Business strategy.

Marketing plan.

Content strategy.

Website Structure.





  Google My Business.

  Bing Places.

  Local SEO.

  Adwords/Bing Ads.

  Facebook Ads.

  Social media delivery.

  Google Analytics.



  Blog posts.

  Guide production.


  Website updates*

  ENewsletter & Email Nurture




I cannot help with ecommerce sites, shopify sites or Pinterest based businesses.

* Assuming website is WordPress and you have the relevant login details.

Call 07747 042320 or email Let’s see if I can help.

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