Many small business marketing myths continue to be peddled online. Perhaps the myths come from those who know no better. Or there could be vested interests involved. Whatever the reason any small business falling for the hype is likely to end up out of pocket for no real return.

Marketing Myth 1 – I Need A Business Website!

Many believe all they need to get more customers is a professional website. There is a credibility issue if a prospect types in the business name and no site is found. But investing in a new website build is not necessarily the best use of resources.

First, consider existing customers. The questions to ask are:

  • How much revenue comes from existing customers?
  • How much existing customer business will I lose if there is no website?
  • Can I expect more from existing customers if a website is in place?

Then turn to potential new customers. Do prospects search for your product or service online? Or is word of mouth marketing your main source of new business?

If online is important then how many website visitors do you need to secure a sale and what is the value of that sale? What can be invested in the website build? What investment is required to make sure the site is found by target prospects? Realistically, is the required investment beyond your resources? Is there an acceptable ROI?

Myth 2 – I Need To Be On Page 1 Of Google!

Small businesses probably waste more on search engine optimisation than any other marketing activity. For a very specific keyword phrase, a website may rank on Page 1 without any difficulty. But does that keyword phrase (and its immediate derivatives) bring any traffic? More important still, does that traffic convert.

SEO is a complex subject beyond the scope of this post. To appear on the first page of Google for a random keyword phrase is not particularly difficult. To appear on page 1 for a high-traffic (high-converting) keyword most certainly is. Don’t fall for the ‘we can get you on the first page of Google’ pitch.

There are several ways a small business can be found on page1 of the search results including Google My Business and certain directories. A website is not necessarily required.

Myth 3 – Mobile Marketing Is The Way Forward!

In principle yes it is. There are lots of statistics to show that search traffic is moving away from desktop and towards mobile telephone and tablet but that is only part of the story.

A recent post from Graham Jones illustrates one of the major issues. We all tend to segregate our activities so the relevance of mobile is very much dependant on the product. Using mobile marketing inappropriately can quickly alienate a potential prospect.

A quick look at Google Analytics will show the relevance of mobile to your site. Click on the browser tab on the left and take a look at the percentage of current traffic coming from Safari and Android. Then ask around among your customers to establish what they use to browse to your website and why. This is far from perfect science but it does give an indication of the relevance of mobile (or not) to your business.

Marketing Myth 4 – I Need To Be on Facebook!

Of all the small business marketing myths, this is the most dangerous.  Yes, if your customers are there and they are using Facebook to research your type of products or services then it makes sense. On the flip side for many businesses their customers are not there and/or they are not active users.

It is also important to remember the segregation issue mentioned above. Many use Facebook and other social media networks for social activities (there’s a surprise!) like keeping up with friends or gossip and not for business. Often, finding business information when in social mode is a real turn off and creates a negative impression.

There is a common theme to the above. There is little point using any marketing technique that does not reach your target market. What do I sell, who needs that product or service, how do they decide on a supplier and how do I reach them are the key considerations. The marketing tools or techniques are secondary. It is the big picture that matters, not the hype over the latest and greatest marketing technique. Build your own small business strategy and plan. Don’t fall for the small business marketing myths. Follow your own path.


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