My Story

I have been a marketer since the mid 1980’s and involved in digital marketing since the late 1990`s. Until 2008 all my experience was in high tech B2B markets working for small SME’s and start ups. How is that relevant to me you ask – But there’s more…..


In 2008 I decided to branch out on my own. The concept – Help small and micro business owners with business strategy and growth. Great in theory but not so easy in practice.

Managing Is NOT Doing

As a new business I needed to promote my services at minimal cost. I understood websites, paid Ads, social media, SEO and analytics at a top level but I didn’t have the hands on experience.

So, I embarked on a crash course to develop my digital marketing skills and marketing process. I have been developing those skills for the past twelve years.

From Strategy To Business Development

Most small and micro business owners don’t have time for the strategy stuff, it is way down on the ‘to do’ list, but business development is something they are keen to learn. So, business strategy morphed into business development. For five years or so I made a living advising small businesses on how to generate more high quality enquiries. To smooth out the inevitable peaks and troughs in any advice type business I used my digital marketing skills to build small online businesses. Starting with affiliate marketing, then owned product sales. Some of these businesses I continue to run today.

The Transition To Mentor

I continued to work with small businesses but added clients employing twenty or more people.

I trained the marketing person as I worked with them on a specific task. This business I still run today.

So that’s me. A small business owner with over ten years experience of business support, online marketing and local marketing. Learn More

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