So you have a shiny new website. You have various pages of content that tell your prospects what you offer. You have something about you and/or your small business. Hopefully, you also have some prompts to suggest prospects get in touch. Now what?

If you are a business with a local customer base, then a simple website combined with a Google my Business listing might be enough. Add some local marketing and you might generate sufficient enquiries but what if you want more?

Depending on your market there could be many businesses vying for position in the Google my Business (or Bing places) panel. One factor that appears to influence the Google ranking algorithm is the business website ranking at a high position in the organic results.

To get a website to rank in the search results, you need content. To build authority and credibility when a prospect lands on your website, requires content. In short, content fuels the small business marketing process.

What if you would like more enquiries than a Google my Business listing can generate? Then you need your new website to be on Page1 Google (or worst case Page2) when a prospect types in a relevant search phrase.

To secure a high position in search your website must have authority (as defined by the search engine algorithms). What influences authority? Lots of things, but one is backlinks. Without some form of content, it will be difficult to generate those backlinks. What’s more, to rank locally (see above), you will need local backlinks.

You could decide that social media is a good way to reach your prospects. But to fuel your social media marketing process you will require text, images or video (or all three). Reaching out to prospects via email or direct mail might work. The problem is after the first contact, how do you follow up? You will need something of value (that will be some form of content) to offer.

If you intend to build any sort of marketing process then I suggest content fuels that process. But creating content takes a lot of effort. To make sure that effort delivers a result you need a strategy, a content plan and a process. Your content must focus on your target audience. It should be useful to that audience and create the right impression.


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