Local Marketing

At the small and micro business level, most potential customers are located in the local area and that simplifies the marketing process dramatically. What matters most is deciding on the best mix of tools and services to deliver an effective, repeatable small business local marketing process at minimal cost.

There are a wide range of marketing tools and services available but the appropriate combination for one small business can be entirely different from what will work for the next.

Typically, some information (content) will be required to fuel the process plus a website as an information hub. A Google my business page is a powerful small business local marketing tool for many businesses and a targeted social media presence can work well in some markets.

EMail marketing is a useful lead generating tool for some and is an effective prospect nurturing tool for many others. Direct mail and traditional local advertising remain viable for some businesses but are a complete waste of time for others.

We assess your business and market, deliver a marketing process framework, advise on the most appropriate tools and services and provide the information you need to build your own customised small business local marketing process.