The Process

To minimise the cost to you I interface only via email. You ask a question, I provide a specific answer within six business hours. Whatever time I take to answer your question I debit from your monthly 60-minute allowance.

I will either answer your question directly or point you at a (quality checked) resource I know will help. Often this will be accompanied by my commentary to fill in any gaps.

I operate in 5-minute segments. It might take 5 minutes to answer your question, it might take 40 minutes or more. It depends on what you need. If I can’t answer your question for whatever reason in any month you receive a full refund for that month.

You sign up for ongoing support on a rolling monthly contract. You may cancel at any time and only pay the full price for the current month. You should sign up in the early part of a month if you can.

If you continue then time not used in one month rolls into the next, subject to limits defined HERE. If you cancel any unused time is non-refundable. It is important to read my billing and time allocation policy HERE before signing up.

If it becomes clear you need more time in any month you can purchase a further hour (or more) of email support to use in that month. If you would like to discuss an issue in detail via a video-call, they can be purchased as single items for £89 per call (duration up to one hour).

Email me a brief description of the help you need to Let’s see if I can help.

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