In my humble opinion, a simple method to get new customers in days or weeks does not exist. It will take time and effort to get the new customers you need. There is no secret silver bullet.

You may have attended the latest small business social media marketing workshop – tried it and got nowhere. Perhaps the advertising rep informed you that you didn’t give your advertisement time to get results. Sign up for another three months and this time it will be fine!

Maybe you read that article about the one simple trick to double sales in three months – yeah, right! Before spending any money on marketing it is important to get back to basics.

What Makes Your Business Stand Out?

What makes your business stand out from all the rest? What can you do better than the competition? What added value do you offer the customer?

Until you have figured that out how can you know what message to deliver to the marketplace? If the message is not clear, it is the same as everyone else, or plain wrong then whatever ideas you try to put into practice are likely to fail.

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

What size are they, how do they buy, where are they located, why do they (or should they) buy from you? No doubt there will be various potential customer groups.

Which customer groups are worth pursuing and which are not? Who else serves your target customer group and how can you push them back into second place? If your marketing activity and process are not targeted then it will not deliver results.

What Promotional Tactics Are Best?

Once you know what to say, the next task is to research how best to get that message to your target customers. One marketing tactic is unlikely to work. What is required is a integrated marketing campaign.

Where do your target customers get information? Is it on the internet, is it printed material like magazines or newspapers, is it directories, is it social media, or word of mouth? Most likely it will be a combination.

Work on the promotional tools (or mix) that are most likely to reach your prospects. If everyone else appears to be doing video marketing that does not mean it will work for you.

Consistency Is Key

Whatever you decide to concentrate on it won’t get new customers through the door overnight. If you have done your homework (as above) results will come. It is necessary to be brave and keep pushing on with your plan. If your small business marketing process is not delivered on an ongoing, consistent basis it will fail.

No two businesses are the same. What sets them apart is different, messages vary, promotional techniques are different. In the ongoing fight to get new customers, there is no single marketing tool that will deliver results for everyone.

There is no silver bullet. What is required is a detailed understanding of your business and market, a small business strategy and plan and consistent delivery of that plan.


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