The Basics

Email your question. I will either answer it directly and/or point you at a (quality checked) resource I know will help. Often this will be accompanied by my own commentary to fill in any gaps….Sign up

If you had the funds to pay someone to do your marketing for you I know that is probably what you would do. My prime objective is to keep costs down and that means I will not do the work for you. Here’s why

The Detail

When you need help with a task I strongly suggest you first do a quick search online. There is plenty of free information available and you could find exactly what you need. I am available when

  • You can’t quickly find what you need.
  • You have doubts about the quality or accuracy of the information available.
  • There are gaps in the information that prevent you from making progress.
  • You get stuck.
  • You have an idea you want to try and you need a reality check.
  • You want an estimate of how long a task will take.
  • You are talking to a marketing service provider and you need to know the questions to ask.

To minimise the cost to you I communicate only via email. You ask a question, I provide an specific answer within three hours. Whatever time I take to answer your question I debit from your monthly 60 minute allowance.

Important – If your question relates to Shopify or WooCommerce that is not something I can help with.

I operate in 5 minute segments. It might take me 5 minutes to answer your question, it might take 40 minutes or more. It depends on what you need.

If I can’t answer your question for whatever reason in any month you receive a full refund for that month.

You sign up for ongoing support on a rolling monthly contract. You may cancel at any time and only pay for the current month. It is best to sign up in the early part of a month if you can….Sign Up

If you continue then any time not used rolls into the next month. However, I encourage you to make maximum use of your time. I limit the maximum time you can have available at the start of any month to 100 minutes. An example.

What I provide is guidance, not advice. There are often many ways to perform a task. I will never claim what I suggest is the only way to do something, the best or the quickest way. It will be the way I have achieved something or a resource I have quality checked and value…Sign up